Visit Oshikawa river, you can enjoy modest nature in the countryside. These pedestrian roads lead you to National Historic Site The Sakitama Burial Mounds (right green portion) and Ancient Lotus Park. (not depicted on this sign)
On sunny warm days, you can see many tortoises climb up on stones and busking in the sun. In early mornings, if you are luck enough, you may see kingfishers flying close to the river surface. Or a gray heron standing in a water tunnel. A lot of carp swim up the river and get together with splashing sounds.
When you walk or bike along the river, you can see various plants and animals such as tortoises, carp, kingfishers, wild ducks, gray herons, white herons・・・ Now both banks of the river are covered with all yellow flowers. Canola flowers are in full bloom.
Down by the Oshikawa River, pedestrian roads along it were completed. It is covered with a kind of pavement that is kind to small animals even in the midst of summer. The temperature of the surface of the road will not rise too high.
Why do the Japanese enjoy drinking, dancing and singing under the blooming cherry trees Hanami? Once upon a time there lived a god in a mountain. Whenever full bloom at the foot in spring, the god used to descend the mountain and be in the cherry tree. The villagers offered Sake and foods to the god. One day naughty guy came to the cherry tree and ate them up and drank himself to sing and dance cheerfully. He looked fun. Seeing that, the villagers started Hanami party. This is what began it all.
Once the Oshi Castle was surrounded by marshy places. Now only this park reminds us of it. People enjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing with family or friends, Japanese Tea Ceremony at this park every spring. Water shooting ceremony is held in January and fishing is very popular all the year.
Ancient Lotus Park presented people the first Sakura (Cherry) Festival in Gyoda last week. The sakura blossom, is described as resembling a certain unique spirit, like that of samurai warriors: it blossoms, is admired for its extreme beauty, then dies quickly and nobly in one day. In this park Along with 100 thousand clumps of Ancient Lotus, there are 20 thousand lotuses with 40 varieties of flowering lotus from around world and they bloom from late June to early August.
This is a picture of cherry blossoms and Inariyama key-hole shaped burial mound. Gold-inlaid Iron Sword,national treasure was excavated at this burial mound. This Sakitama Burial Mounds Park is one of popular places for cherry blossoms viewing in Gyoda.
The annual cherry blossom viewing is not actual a festival, but in Japan it is a favorite and beloved activity. In Gyoda, we can enjoy cherry blossom viewing at not only the Suijyo Park, the Ancient Lotus Park, but also the Sakitama Ancient Burial Mounds Park and other places.  The young couple enjoy the atmosphere of spring with their ancient costumes by a burial mound.
Participants include two persons from Chile and three persons from Brazil. The couple on this picture is from Chile. Person wearing Japanese Kimono is retired teacher of English class in junior high school.

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